Draft Plan Recommendations Ready for Review

On the evening of February 7, 2019, the Village of Wilmette and the project consultant team presented the draft recommendations for the plan at Village Hall. All of the exhibit boards presented as well as the presentation are linked below. Comments from those who couldn’t make it to the Open House were accepted through February 22. The project team is now underway in compiling and analyzing public feedback on the recommendations and proposing revisions.


Presentation This is the presentation that was provided by the consultant project team on the background of the planning process.

Project Background

Vision guiding future implementation of the plan

Community Engagement findings

Existing conditions and previous studies considered

Existing bike routes in and around the Village

Impacts of the recommendations that were analyzed

Lake Ave impacts

Infrastructure Recommendations

Village-Wide Network Recommendations This is an exhibit of all the draft bike recommendations.

All of the network recommendations shown in the above map are further detailed (including locations, descriptions, and concept designs of how the recommendations might look on Wilmette streets) in the following exhibit boards:

Bike Boulevards

Marked Shared Lanes

Bike Lanes

Advisory Bike Lanes


Roadways with Multiple Recommendation Options

Skokie Blvd Sidepath Potential Alignment

Challenging Crossings

Intersections Typologies are the top challenging intersections across the Village as identified during community engagement and existing conditions analysis or intersections that should be improved in conjunction with bike network recommendations. This exhibit identifies intersection types and potential design solutions. The recommended intersection tools are further detailed in this exhibit.

Lake and Edens crossing

Pedestrian Tunnel or Bridge Beneath Edens


Bike Wayfinding Signage This exhibit provides recommendations for signed bike routes to replace, remove, and add, as well as signage type recommendations.

Initiative Recommendations

Education and Encouragement Initiatives

Pedestrian Initiatives